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Frequently asked
questions (FAQ)

Does Signature Rugs sell directly to the public?

Signature Rugs rugs are available through retailers/stockists and to the trade. A list of retailers/stockists is on the Signature Rugs webpage is for your reference.

Do Signature Rugs rugs have a recommend retail price?

No. Each retailer/interior designer work with different prices.

Can I visit a Signature Rugs showroom?

Our showroom is in Auckland as is available by appointment to retailers, designers and customers to view. Please contact Signature Rugs.

How do I clean my rug?

How to clean varies depending on the type of rug.

Does my Signature Rugs rug have a warranty?

No. However our products are hard-wearing & durable. The life of the rug will depend on the care taken to maintain the rug over the years. We stand by our products and in the unlikely event a rug has a fault we will replace it.

Which is better wool or polyester?

Polyester is very durable & low maintenance but not as soft as wool. Both are easy to clean. Woolen rugs absorb more noise.

Will my rug shed?

Woolen rugs and some blended fibers shed as this is a natural characteristic of the fibers. The amount depends on the usage of the rug but will not result in thinning of the appearance.

Should I use an underlay?

Yes. It will hold the rug in place on smooth surfaces.

Where are Signature Rugs rugs made?

We source from all over the world to supply the finest selection. The majority of our products are sourced from Belgium, China, Egypt, Greece and India

What rugs are allergen friendly?

All synthetic fibers are allergen friendly, such as Polypropylene, Polyester Olefin and Microfibers.