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The Flexibility of an Outdoor Rug

20 March 2019

Close your eyes and picture an outdoor rug. What do you see? Bright green astroturf, or perhaps a drenched and stained sisal? Not anymore. Outdoor rugs have come a long way. In fact, now they are so gorgeous it’s not uncommon to use them indoors. When you think about it, that’s a perfect application for outdoor rugs – especially in high-traffic areas, areas prone to spillage, or anywhere that might see moisture. Are there any cons to outdoor rugs? It depends on the rug. Some have a rougher feel due to the material, so if you’re shopping for them in store be sure to give it a touch test. Here are 7 favorite uses for outdoor rugs; rooms just begging for something beautiful yet durable. 1. Kitchen A kitchen rug softens the hardness of floor and offers a pop of color. Having a moisture-friendly rug in the kitchen is a definite bonus! 2. Bathroom Again, outdoor rugs deal well with moisture and the bathroom certainly is a place you’ll find it. 3. Kids’ Rooms Let’s not go into detail over what might make an outdoor rug perfect for a kids room; suffice it to say, they clean up nicely with a hose if it comes to that. 4. Entryway Most dirt is collected at your home’s entryway. Shoes, boots, pets, and leaves get caught at the area closest to your door. With an outdoor rug, it's easy to just hose it off. 5 and 6: Laundry Room and Dining Room Both deal with potential messes. A happy rug in either spot that handles spills is a plus! A few bold choices perfect for those spaces: 7. Decks and Patios What? Using an outdoor rug outdoors? Stranger things have happened. The right outdoor rug can create a totally livable outdoor space. Most Kiwi's spend December - March outside and thanks to our outdoor rugs we can go shoeless. And summers are all about being shoeless.

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